Punjabi cuisine

Punjabi Cuisine

Punjabi food is everyone’s favorite although it’s breakest lunch dinner are heavy and much spicy and tasty but in the end lassi works on it, Punjabi cuisine is my too favorite. There are so many dishes but I’ll show some main dishes according to me which are famous everywhere.

Makki ki Roti

Makki ki Roti image

This Roti is a popular punjabi flatter dough prepare from corn flour and largely serves with sarso da saag. Makka is a Punjabi word for corn and a yellow flour prepare from it is the base ingredient for this recipe.

So, traditionally makki ki roti is prepare by the process ,take small round dough and then by pressing it in-between palms in a thumping gesture then it gets a shape of flatten roti and then bake it heated tawa.

So, the makki ki roti recipe uses coriander leaves and carom seeds which add nice spicy touch to its crispy taste. This is usually prepare during winter.

Dal Makhni

Origin is from punjab, Dal Makhni is the propular Dal from Punjabi cuisine.It is prepare from black lentils and red kidney beans. It provides protein and calcium which is good for the maintenance of your body cells and healthy bones.

The lentils and beans are soake at night. I also like Dal Makhni and it is very famous in restaurants. Dal makhni gets it’s better taste by adding cream into it, becomes mouthwatering dish and we can feels the blends of spices in it.

Dal makhni is best serve and can be more enjoyable with butter naan, paratha, jeera rice.

Sarson da saag

Sarson da saag is a very famous vegetarian dish which origin is from Punjabi region.

Made from mustard greens ( sarso) and spinach, cleaning the greens are very important. It is a green Punjabi curry. Saag includes palak enhanced from spices, garlic and ginger. This dish is best serve with makki di roti.

In addition to this,

Health benefits- mustard are low in calories and fats, they are rich in antioxidants, helps in weightloss, prevent cancer.

Doda barfi

Doda barfi is a traditional milky desert from punjabi cuisine. It is dark brown in color with nuts. This dark brown color is obtain by slowly roasting khoya in ghee.

It is prepare with milk, heavy cream, sugar, nuts and ghee. Doda barfi is my favourite. Easy to make a mouth watering desert.

Chole bhature

chole bhature imag

This recepie is very famous everywhere in Northern India while having a vast following in Punjab in it’s own original form. It is a spicy curry. It is prepare from check peas, onion tomatoes, ginger. For this chole chana is soak for 4 hour.

And further Bhatura can be prepare by refine flour and yogurt. Chole best served with bhatura, naan, kulcha, or with steamed rice.

This mouthwatering dish is mostly ate in breakfast. In addition to this it can be cook at home and have 427 calories. And it is very famous in Delhi also and I always eat it whenever I want.

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