Haryanvi cuisine

Haryanvi Cuisine of India

Haryana is the land which is known for its richness in milk and it’s milky products like milk, dahi, ghee. It has its own agriculture opportunities well known for historical battels including battale of Panipat and Mahabharata. If we talk about the Haryanvi Cuisine of India churma or Roti ka meetha churma is a dish that is known is every haryanvi household. Here you will know about traditional haryanvi dishes like singri ki sabzi, Methi gazar, hara dhaniya choliya, churma.

Singri Ki Sabzi Haryanvi Cuisine of India

haryanavi cusine

Singri ki sabzi Is a dried been. Which is found in the state of Haryana and a dish of haryanvi cusine of India. First they are soak at the night. Then before preparing it, they should be boiled for 15 minutes. Then further, fry it in the kadai or pan, cook it with the spices and yogurt and add aamchur powder. It is serve best with chopped garlic.

Benefit of singri ki sabzi

  1. Safe and better during pregnancy
  2. Work on loosing fat
  3. Works on asthma, piles problems act as cooling anthelmintic.

Methi Gazar

methi gazar

Methi gazar is the most popular mixed vegetables. I think each and everyone use to it with this sabji because it’s good for health. Now wash the Methi clearly as they are green leaves. Then pick out leaves of methi(fenugreek). After it gazar (carrot) into pieces. Now make tadka with spices but keep it healthy not much spicy, garish it with coriander.

Benefit of methi(Fenugreek) and gazar(carrot)

  1. Fenugreek reduces cholesterol levels.
  2. Lower blood sugar level
  3. Carrots are good for weight loss
  4. fill with antioxidants and improve your eyesight.

kadi pakora Haryanvi cuisine of India

Haryana region is very rich for it’s milk, dahi, ghee, butter, etc. So, this mouth watering dish kadi pakora is very popular in haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab also. This is easy to make. Basically, the procedure for preparing kadi we need yogurt and butter milk you can also use and besan to make the kadi thick. You can add on tadka of curry leaves , fenugreek seeds and dry chilli to make the dish more spicy.

Further the pakoras, can be prepare from spinach, onion, potatoes and then put it into the besan mixture then fry it. After this put the pakoras into the kadi heat it for sometime in medium flame. And Here your kadi pakora is ready

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Benefits of kadi pakora dish – Curd(Dahi) helps in digestion, Besan have higher protein and onions are the source of vitamin C which helps to strong our immune system.

Haryanvi Churma Haryanvi Cuisine of India

Haryanvi Churma is Roti ka meetha churma. This is a traditional sweet dish and a very popular dishes of haryanvi cuisine of India. It has high energy power. Churma is well known in every haryanvi household.

The ingredients required are whole wheat flour (Atta), pure Desi ghee, sugar, Milk, Dry fruits. It is just mashing up the roti in Desi ghee. This Churma laddo high in calories. This is the wrestler diet specially. Churma laddo is best serve with milk and is very tasty.

Benefits of churma – It is a rich diet which satisfy hunger energies you instantly with higher calories.

Hara dhaniya choliya Haryanvi cusine of India

Hara dhaniya choliya is a healthy vegetable dish (sabji). It is a mix up of vegetables and cholia. Cholia is green chana. Cholia is found in Northern India.

This vegetables dish is prepare from coriander leaves, onion and tomatoes and much spices. Moreover, dhaniya choliya is a unique haryanvi dish.

Benefit of green chana – This is the source of vitamin A and C and have antioxidants properties. Also, boosts muscle growth.

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