Uttar Pradesh
Famous Food of Uttar Pradesh

Famous food of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is known for its rich colour, tradition and birth place of lord Krishna and lord Rama. Also Agra Taj Mahal counts in seven wonders of the world. If we talk about the famous food of Uttar Pradesh it includes the Awadhi cuisine and also Mughlai cuisine, which is not only famous in Uttar Pradesh but across the North India. There are some dishes in uttar pradesh which is popular across the india or can say the state is well known for such dishes. so lets explore these dishes and then move further towards cuisine.

These are some dishes which is very popular in Uttar Pradesh

Bedai And Jalebi (famous food of Uttar Pradesh)

famous food of Uttar Pradesh

The Bedai and Jalebi is one of the famous food of Uttar Pradesh. Bedai dish origin Agra and it is mostly prefer in breakfast. It is a stuffed flat bread (poori) that is prepare with the mixture of moong Dal(mung bean) and urad dal (vigna mungo). After making the dough and then prepare it into small round balls to flat bread further we have to deep fried it in oil. Bedai is best served with mouth watering Aalo sabzi.

Jalebi is a sweet dish which is popular almost all over south Asia. In Indian family almost in every occasion Jalebi is must because sweet are essential for a new beginning and to celebrate things , and Jalebi is our traditional sweet. It is made with flour(maida) and chickpea flour(Besan). Add baking powder, baking soda yogurt cardamon powder. Then after making its batter according to the crispiness of Jalebi. Deep fry it in oil, then dip the Jalebi into sugar syrup add saffron on it. Now enjoy the Jalebi with rabri(thickened milk).

Kachori Sabzi (famous food of Uttar Pradesh)

famous food of Uttar Pradesh

kachori sabzi is one of the popular dishes of Varanai, Uttar Pradesh. Like everyone in North Indian family like kachori with mouth watering aalo sabzi including me. The method for preparation of vanarasi aloo Sabzi :- firstly, the ingredients are -pumpkin 500gm, soaked chana, 4 potato and the thing which give taste is gram masala. Put kadai in medium flame then tadka(tempering) of Indian spices( khade masale) put all the ingredients and then cook it. Add gram masala and chilli powder after it, now the thick mouth watering aalo Sabzi cooked.

Further, the ingredients for making varanasi kachori – urad Dal, wheat flour, rice flour. Urad Dal is the paste or filling we add in dough, for that make the paste of urad Dal (vigna mungo)in mixi add some jeera powder in it then heat the paste in kadai. Now the filling mixture is prepared. For kachori make small round balls of dough, fill mixture in dough balls make flat round bread and deep fry it. Now enjoy kachori with aalo sabzi.

Mathura Pede (famous food of Uttar Pradesh)

famous food of Uttar Pradesh

Pede is a sweet dish of northern India and it’s origin is Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. This is a traditional milk based dessert. Mathura pede is well known for it’s taste, flavour.
The method of preparing mathura pede and it’s ingredients- khoya1kg, sugar powder, Rava, cardamom and ghee-2spoon.
Preparation- First take 1kg khoya and put kadai in medium flame roast the khoya and add 50gram sugar in between roasting. Now roast till the mawa( khoya) color becomes brownish as we always prefer brown color of mathura pede. After roasting add the remaining sugar powder mix it well then place it in room temperature till the temperature is low down.

Further, when it’s temperature becomes normal now add crushed cardamon and 2spoon ghee to make a dough. Then start making round balls of that dough and serve it in plate mix the pedas with rawa through which they doesn’t stick. Now enjoy the mathura peda.


famous food of Uttar Pradesh

Malpua is an Indian dessert and popular dishes of Vrindavan and Mathura almost everyone love this sweet. This is deep fried sweet and soaked in sugar syrup.
The method and ingredients are – flour(maida or can be daily use flour) milk, elachi powder, sugar, water, chopped almonds and pistas
The method of preparation -put milk in a bowl add flour in it and elachi powder, now mix the batter well. After it keep it aside now make sugar syrup, for that boil sugar in water make a thick syrup not much. Further heat ghee in medium flame pour the batter 2-3tbsp and deep fry it. serve the malpua in a plate and enjoy by garnish them from chopped almonds and pistas.

Makhan Mishri

famous food of Uttar Pradesh

Makhan Mishri is a bhog of Lord Krishna which is prepare in Janmashtami. It is favourite of Lord Krishna.

The preparing method of this bhog is easy and simple – take 1cup malai and half cup water now stirit, most importantly until both the milk and butter are separate. Now wash the butter twice. Now garnish the Mishri in top of the fresh newly made butter in a matki (earthen pot).

Khopra Pak (famous food of Uttar Pradesh)

Famous food of Uttar Pradesh

Khopra pak is traditional sweet of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India. This is a historic city famous for the glass bangles. Khopra pak is one of the famous dishes of Uttar Pradesh. This sweet is made up of coconut and fat milk.

The ingredients to prepare this sweet-
Grind coconut, milk, ghee-3tbsp, mawa, dry fruits, food color, and cardamon powder.
The method of preparing-
Firstly, put kadai in medium flame and pour 3tbspn ghee in kadai. Secondaly, now add the grind coconut in the kadai along with it pour milk and add sugar and cook it in a stirring manner.
After that now add mawa on it and food color (orange) mix it well, during this add cardamon powder.
Now the khopra pak is ready before putting it a plate(thali) rub it from 2tbsp ghee. Garnish it from dry fruits and saffron cut it into pieces. Now serve it in a plate and enjoy the mouth watering sweet.

Ras ki Kheer

famous food of Uttar Pradesh

Ras ki kheer is a special sweet of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India. Kheer is a love of everyone in India. There are different type of kheer but here we know about ganne(sugarcane) ki ras ki kheer. The ingredients for preparing this are-
Sugar cane juice 1ltr
Dessicated coconut power(nariyal ka burada)- half cup
Rice -half cup
Milk-2 cup
Cream milk- 1ltr

Method of preparation- first boil the sugarcane juice. Filter the juice after boiling, now again boil the juice and add 2cup milk to refine the juice. After boiling again filter it. Now place a kadai and pour the juice in it add rice cook it in medium flame.

On the other hand boil the milk for rabri(thickened milk) stir it occasionally. Now add rabri in the cooked rice and dessicated coconut powder, cardamon. For garnishing add dryfruits in it, your ras ki kheer is ready.

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