Lucknow Cuisine

Famous food of Lucknow

Lucknow the city of nawabs and filled with diverse culture. Famous for Rumi darwaza the centre Mughal gateway, 18th century Imambara Shrine, clock tower(1881)and Bhool bhulaiya.
Famous food of Lucknow includes awadh cuisine and Mughlai cuisine. If we talk about some popular dishes of Lucknow are Biryani, Sheermal, kebabs and many more. Lucknow food gives you a royal nawabi touch. The cooking technique is DumStyle, in low flame.

Raw spices

Awadh Cuisine

Galaouti kebab

Awadh cuisine comprise of both Vegetarian and non vegetarian. One of famous food of Lucknow, its cooking style gives another taste, mainly cooked in Tawas and flat iron griddles.

Some popular dishes of awadh cuisine are-
Tunday ke kebabs
Malai makhan
Basket chat
Mutton do pyaza
Shahi tukda
Galaouti kebab

Mughlai Cuisine

Lucknow Biryani

Mughlai cuisine is came from the Mughal rule. It represent fusion of cuisine of Indian subcontinent and also with cooking style of Central Asian and Iranian cuisine. This food is cooked rich and aromatic spices and dry fruits.

Some popular dishes of Mughlai Cuisine are-
Murg pasanda
Mutton Ragan Josh
Navratan korma
Sheer khurma
Seekh kebab

Lucknow ki Revdi (famous food of Lucknow)

Lucknow ki Revdi

Lucknow ki revdi is famous all over worldwide. It is a crispier dry sweet. Made from sesame seeds(white Til) which is cooked in jaggery(gud) syrup or sugar syrup. You can enjoy the taste of these dry sweet for months by storing it in air tight containers.

Recipe of Til revdi-

Sesame seeds and jaggery sugar syrup
Ingredients- 1.sesame seeds(white Til)-1cup
2.Sugar -3/4th cup
Or jaggery(gud) -400grm
(It’s your choice of taste you
want to prefer jaggery(gud) or
Sugar Syrup)
3. Ghee 1spoon
Preparation– Put the Til in kadai or pan and roast it till it gives you little brown color.
After it place it in a plate (roasted Til).

For making jaggery syrup- Pour ghee in kadai and 400gram jaggery add little water, then cook it till the syrup is prepare.

For making sugar syrup- Pour ghee in kadai or pan add sugar and Little water, cook it.
Now the syrup is nither much stiff nor thin.

Now put all the roasted Til in syrup and cook it for sometime.Then leave it for few minutes to medium down it’s temperature. Then immediately start giving shape to batter because cooling down make it stiff. So take small balls and press it from Palm and then place it in plate. So here revdi(dry sweet) is prepared enjoy it or store it.

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