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Awadh cuisine and Mughlai Cuisine is same? Here what makes it different

Awadh cuisine came from Lucknow (the city of nawabs) Uttar Pradesh, India.
The best thing about awadh cuisine which make it different or unique is their cooking style (tawa cooking). Their food is cooked in slow fire which enable the spices to blend with the food. There are many dishes from Awadh cuisine, here are some popular dishes of awadh cuisine.

Popular dishes of awadh cuisine-

Shahi Tukda(Awadh cuisine)

Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda meaning shahi-(royal) to and tukda- (piece) a lovable dessert. It is a deep fried slices of bread soaked in sheera( sugar syrup) and top with rabri. One of the main dishes from Awadh cuisine


For rabri– Milk-3cup
Milk powder- 1/5
Sugar- 4tbsp
Badam pista- 1tsp
Rose water flavour-1tsp

For Sheera or sugar syrup-

For double roti- bread- 4 slice
Ghee- 4tbsp
For garnish- Pista, badam and silver leaf(chandi vark)

Method of preparation- Firstly, take two pan one for rabri and one for sugar syrup.
For Rabri– secondly, add 3cup milk and boil it. After boiling of milk add badam, pista, saffron and rose water and then stir it. Cook it for 15min, after sometime add sugar and milk powder then cook it properly for 10min and after that your rabri is ready.

Sheera or sugar syrup- Thirdly, add water in a pan, add saffron and sugar stir it slowly cook it in a medium flame to make it thick, so here your syrup is ready.

Double roti– Further, take a small pan add ghee into it, on the otherhand get 4 slice of bread cut it down cross wise and fry it in ghee. It’s important to fry it in ghee for giving it a shahi taste. Now dip the fried slices in sugar syrup, put it out place it in a plate and pour rabri on top. Garnish it with pista, badam and silver leaf (chandi vark).

Tokri Chat(Awadh cuisine)

Tokri Chat or basket chat

Basket chat or Tokri chat is very famous in Lucknow. Everywhere as street food even in Delhi. A basket loaded with mouthwatering stuffing.


2.Corn flour-2tbsp
3.Salt- according to taste
For chat stuffing– boiled potatoes- 2-3
Chopped Onion-1
Chilli powder- 1/4tbsp
Coriander chutney- 1tbsp
For topping or garnish-
Whisked yogurt- 3tbsp
Tamarind chutney- 2tbsp
Coriander chutney- 2tbsp
Some Pemogranate seeds
Coriander leaves
Aalu bhujia

For basket or Tokri – Take grated 2 potatoes and squeeze their water. After squeezing water from it add corn flour and salt to taste mix it well. Now take a iron sieve spread the potatoes mixture in a basket structure (press it). Now deep fry it and keep the temperature of oil high, fry it until it turn to brown and better in corners make a crispier basket. Cool it down to demould it press the bottom of sieve, it will be easily demould. So now a fine shape and crispy basket has made.

For stuffing of basket– Take chopped boiled potatoes, fine chopped onion, tomatoes and cucumber. Add salt to taste, chilli powder and coriander chutney to make it mouth watering. Moreover, now fill this chat stuffing in basket, and topping it with whisked yogurt, tamarind chutney, coriander chutney, Pemogranate seeds, coriander leaves and aalu bhujia everyone favorite. Enjoy the basket or Tokri chat with yourself or friends and family.

Malai Makhan

Malai Makhan

It is a sweet snack made from rich milk cream and most popular in Lucknow. Malai Makhan is from Awadh cuisine

Ingredients- milk cream- 200ml
Cold milk- 100ml
Sugar powder- 80grm
Baking soda sugary- A pinch
Kewra water- 1tbsp
Lemon juice- 1tbsp
And also elaichi powder,
Kesar,and yellow food color.
Garnish – badam, pista and kesar

Preparation– Firstly, in a bowl take fresh cream and add baking soda and lemon juice mix it well. Make it soft and fluffy, now put it for 4hour in chilled tray of refrigerator. Subsequently, add sugar powder, elaichi powder, kesar and yellowish food color.
Beat it with hand mixture add milk in between beating to make it like fluffy and thick.
So, the Malai makhan is ready garnish it with pista badam, sugar and kesar better taste when it is cold.



Zarda is a traditional dish of sweet boiled rice. Made with food color, milk, sugar, cardamon, pista and almonds. It is one of the main dishes from Awadh cuisine

Ingredients– water- 9 cup
Rice( presoaked)- 3cup
Clarified butter- 1/2cup
Sugar- 3cup
Elaichi- 12-13
food color- red and orange
Kewra essence- 1/2tsp
Golden raisins, pecans,walnuts,
pista, amlonds peeled and
sliced- 2tbsp
For garnish- dry fruits, red arshafi and mawa.

Preparation– Firstly, take a kadai(wok)or pan and boil water then add food color in it orange and red, also 6-7 elaichi. Now add the presoaked rice( Sela rice) mix it well, cook this rice 75% only. After 5min later drain the cooked rice.
Secondly, now in a new pan pour clarified butter and add 5-6 elaichi, after 30sec add zarda rice slightly mix it. Add sugar, cook it for 5-7 min in low flame and cover the lid for melting the sugar.
Meanwhile add golden raisins, pecans, walnuts, pista, almonds peeled and sliced again mix it and put the kadai or pan on tawa leave it for 20min in medium flame.
After that, place it in a serving bowl or plate, your zarda is ready garnish it with dry fruits, red arshafi and mawa enjoy it hot.

For more dishes of Lucknow cuisine

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